Natures' Bizarre Phenomena.

Daz Studio 2.0

 In order to draw the figure well, anatomical knowledge is obligatory. To know the anatomies as a whole, of course, we have to look a lot for references. But the challenges of drawing anatomies are not just stop there. You will be tested the anatomies knowledge when drawing poses. Sometimes it's hard to find pictures of poses that we want on the internet.

If you need quick references and accurate postures and anatomies, we recommend you use software like "poser" which can be changed in accordance with our wishes pose. Not only the pose, The intensity of the muscle and expression of the model can also be changed according to our tastes, Interested ..? Please download

DAZ 3d download

The serial number: DS17CRD-0172566-GKH  (don't worry, it's egal)


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