Natures' Bizarre Phenomena.


Perspective is sometimes feared and shunned by the artists (I used to be so). Usually the artists hate if the perspective of their works  always draw the figure from the near viewpoint or close up. Will Eisner, the comic maestro of American origin has a term for them, which is "slave close up".

 For comic artists, the perspective is inevitable. Due to drawing "Establishing shot" would have to use perspective in order to avoid the awkward layout of certain point of view. Normally, the incident of "perspective distortion" often can be seen in beginner level of comic artists. All I know is that their comic panels are limited so it makes them make vanishing points are too close.

I usually use extra paper (as an aid) on the right side of the panel to the left, it helps the vanishing point was quite wide

But now I prefer to use of perspective graph paper that I got from the book of David Chelsea and some I have to create it myself. David Chelsea’s book is very good book for those who want to know more of distant perspective, as presented in the form of comics and a straight forward delivery. You can download the book (rather than buy) .. highly recommended for a young comic artist. In this book you will know a lot of your mistakes when drawing a background.


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